Spring Break

This story is rooted in my headcanon. Amber is still a spoiled rich girl but she has grown to become a real friend to everyone in Ellowyne’s circle. Everyone is a junior at San Francisco State University but only Penn and Rufus’ majors are relevant. Penn is a nursing student and Rufus is majoring in statistics. Ellowyne and Rufus are finally dating. The rating for this story is T.

Their spirits were high as Lizette, Prudence, and Amber were saying goodbye to Rufus and Penn before they left for an all-inclusive spring break in the Bahamas, paid for by Amber’s father. Mr. Stanhope’s generosity didn’t end with that because he was flying them there on his private plane. Ellowyne was also going on the trip, but she seemed rather despondent in spite of the festive mood at the Stanhope’s pre-spring break barbecue. Amber was oblivious to Ellowyne’s mood because she was busy hosting her friends. Lizette thought that it might be her ennui rearing its ugly head but Prudence knew the real reason. It would be the longest time Ellowyne will be away from Rufus since they started dating. Ellowyne wished that he and Penn were going as well. They were invited but regretfully declined. Penn needed to finish a paper for his epidemiology class and Rufus was assisting his academic advisor evaluate new statistical analysis software the university was considering purchasing.

The barbecue ended early because Amber’s father wanted to leave at sunrise. Pru, Ellowyne, and Lizette were staying overnight at the Stanhope’s mansion so the girls wouldn’t have to drive there in the morning and have to wait if one of them was late. After the party, the lads decided to get some cerveza and nachos at their favorite Mexican restaurant and were out until 1:30 AM. 

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