His: Monday

Rufus got up early, refreshed from a night of solid sleep and ready to head to the computer lab. There were no texts from Penn, who was probably sleeping off the fun from Sunday evening. 

The campus was deserted. No trouble finding a parking space, no trouble starting work. He intended to spend the day in the computer lab, evaluating various statistical analysis software and comparing it to what the university already had. Hopefully, he would find something that would work well for a variety of different fields, like one program would work for business and academia. The university wanted to save money so a one-size-fits-all system would be idea. Rufus had his doubts. 

He spent the morning evaluating various programs, but finding a system that would work well for a variety of disciplines seemed daunting. A program that was optimal for business might be inadequate for scientific research. He was frustrated and had a headache. He checked his phone. He read and answered Ellowyne’s texts but there were no messages from Penn. So Rufus called him. 

“Dude!! What do you want to do today?” 

Penn sounded groggy. “Huh? Rufus?”

“Let’s do something today. Something that will get the blood rushing! Something that we can tell our grandchildren about,” Rufus exclaimed.

“Okay,” Penn replied. “I’ll make a couple of phone calls and see what we can do. Now you’re up for anything, right?”

Fear grasped Rufus’ heart as he realized he just agreed to whatever Penn might suggest. Penn had a penchant for talking him into activities any sane man would avoid. But he promised. And if he managed to get himself mangled or killed, he wouldn’t have to think about the computer project.

About an hour later, Penn texted Rufus. “I’ll be at your place in 15 minutes. Wear old clothes, maybe some cargo pants so you don’t lose your wallet or phone.” 

Rufus swore he heard someone whisper, “Be afraid. Be very afraid.”

Sure enough, Penn showed up on time, dressed in old clothes and heavy boots. Rufus donned his old Doc Martens and asked Penn what they were going to do.

Penn excitedly replied, “We’re going bungee jumping!”

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