With everything packed, the four women were ready—albeit reluctant—for the trip home. They didn’t have to leave until the early afternoon, so they got some extra sleep and had smoothies for breakfast and an early lunch. They sipped rum cocktails when they munched on conch salad and their favorite shrimp tacos. Finally, they boarded the Stanhopes’ private plane to go home.

In contrast to the previous day in which they were mostly silent, the four chattered throughout the entire flight. They talked about how much they enjoyed and appreciated the trip, from swimming to the pigs to shopping to the Ardastra gardens to the wonderful food they ate. However, they also conversed about how they felt they were closer friends than before the trip. They all thought they knew each other well, but spending a week on vacation helped them see each other holistically and authentically, and their friendships deepened. 

Finally, the plane landed in San Francisco. The Stanhopes’ limousine and chauffer were waiting for them and whisked them off to the mansion, where Penn and Rufus patiently awaited them. 

Ellowyne ran into Rufus’ arms, and, when he kissed her, she noticed that he hadn’t shaved in over a week. “But it’s not scratchy. The stubble is soft and tickles. Keep it!”

Penn hugged Prudence and Lizette and politely kissed each of them on the cheek. They didn’t seem to notice that he kissed Amber on the lips and embraced her much longer. 

The girls told the guys everything about their vacation, the beauty of the white sands, beach volleyball, the nightclub scene. Amber made sure to tell Rufus that Ellowyne didn’t go out dancing with them because she saw no point in spending time with anyone else. Then they talked about shopping, the museum, the gardens, and the pigs. Prudence quipped that she might never want to eat pork again because it would make her think about the pigs. Lizette shared the story of her spring break fling and how she met Keanu at the Ardastra center. Ellowyne talked about shopping some more, and Amber shared some of the exquisite handmade jewelry she purchased. Then all of the girls showed the guys their souvenirs, and Ellowyne gave Rufus the pig t-shirt she got for him, among other gifts. He told her than a theme park shirt was waiting for her.

The lads told them about the Batman movie marathon and how they got shushed and shamed at the Cartoon Art Museum. Penn shared that Rufus thought he was going to die when they went bungee jumping but was woozy but okay at the extreme thrill rides at the theme parks. Penn admitted that getting stuff done before having fun was much more satisfying than procrastinating. In turn, Rufus mentioned that academia was often wrought with busywork, and that he recognized that he needed balance in his life. 

Then it was time to head home. Spring break was a most excellent experience for everyone, but Rufus and Penn swore they would never again turn down a free trip to the Bahamas. Or anywhere else!

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