As per many fanfic sites, I am instituting a rating system to let readers know if a story is meant for general audiences or if there is something (e. g. language or subject material) that might be meant for more mature readers. This rating scale is one often used in fanfic and it can be found on http://www.fictionratings.com

K™ indicates that the content is suitable for most ages, minimum age 5
K+™ indicates that some content may be unsuitable for young children, minimum age 9. Content may include minor coarse language and no injury violence. No adult themes
T™ indicates that material is suitable for teens with some violence, minor course language, minor suggestive adult scenes. Minimum age 13
M™ indicates that material is suitable for mature teens and adults. Non-explicit adult themes, references to violence, coarse language. Minimum age 16
MA™ suitable only for adults. Explicit language and adult themes. Minimum age 18

I expect that most of my stories will fall into the K™, T™, or M™ categories. I don’t anticipate anything meandering into the MA™ category. If you feel that I’ve rated something incorrectly, please send me your feedback so I can change the rating.