Nature Abhors a Vacuum 3

Prudence was sad and shocked at the death of Rufus’ parents from COVID-19. How awful it must be for him and Ellowyne. She sent Ellowyne a text in which she wondered how she and Rufus were, and if there was anything they needed. Ellowyne responded, “Rufus has shut down for now. Sometimes he’s quiet and other times he wants to reminisce and look through old pictures. I’m letting him decide how he wants to express his grief. But I am so glad I’m here and can support him any way he wants.”

After their discussion ended, Prudence sensed something completely different about Ellowyne. In the past, Ellowyne wasn’t exactly the most empathetic person. She would beg off social interactions because of her “chronic ennui”, and she would sometimes make her friends’ issues all about her. But this was a new Ellowyne. She was strong and no longer weak. She put someone else’s needs ahead of her own, something she rarely—if ever—did in the past. At last Prudence’s concern about the romantic relationship between her two friends was quelled. Ellowyne and Rufus would be okay. However, she decided to focus on them when she did her lovingkindness meditation that, and she might try some distance Reiki to help them stay strong.  

Later that day, Prudence went online, ostensibly to find some guided meditations online. She downloaded a few videos, then headed to Etsy to look for healing gemstones. She found a bracelet with amethyst, carnelian, smoky quartz, and rose quartz, all of which were purported to help someone deal with grief. Pru would have preferred to make the bracelet herself but she was out of semi-precious beads, so she decided to purchase a bracelet infused with the creator’s energies. Something small perhaps, but suitable for Rufus in his time of need. 

After Pru finished purchasing Rufus’ bracelet, she started to peruse Etsy, just to see what might be available. Within a few hours, she added several earrings and necklaces to her cart. Then she decided to replenish her stock of natural pearls, semi-precious beads, and sterling silver findings and beads. She was a little surprised at the total after her shopping binge, but it had been so long since she shopped for jewelry-making supplies. She figured she might as well make jewelry while she was frittering away time, waiting for the pandemic to end. But wait a minute. She could get all sorts of jewelry-making supplies and sell her creations online! And she quickly filled another virtual cart. 

To be continued…

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